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Park Regulations

The Inca Trail is part of the Machu Picchu Sanctuary, administered by the Peru National Institute of Natural Resources, INRENA. All tourists must comply park regulations prohibiting dump garbage, damaging trees or plants, removing or damaging stones of ruins and the Trail, removing plants, killing animals, lighting open fires or camping in the archeological sites (only authorized campsites can be used).

This procedures must be followed:

1. Payment of entrance fees:

a. the ticket issued by the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary Management Unit (UGM) is the only valid document granting the right to walk the Inca Trails Network (the Machupicchu Historical Sanctuary Network RED or SHM). This ticket is personal and non transferable, and includes the entrance fee to Machu Picchu.

b. Payment for the right to use the RED can only be done in the city of Cusco.Its cost is US$50, included in the payment will make to an authorized agency.

c. Under no circumstances, payment for the use of the RED will be accepted at its registry and entry control points.

d. Payment for the right to use the RED must be made a minimum of five (5) days before beginning the trip and the acquisition must be made under your name.

e. The reimbursement of payment for the right to use the RED is not possible under any circumstance.

f. In case of having done the corresponding payment for the right to use the RED and having fixed the dates of the visit, these dates can be postponed with four (4) days notice, providing an additional payment of 20%, and subject to place availability for the dates and routes required.


2. Reservations

a. Reservations will be made in the offices of the Departmental Headquarters of the National Institute of Culture in the city of Cusco, receiving confirmation with corresponding reservation code.

Note: Reservations will be subject to the daily capacity issued by the UGM (500 people, including guides, porters, helpers and around 150 tourists), so we recommend you to reserve your place with as much notice as possible.

b. The Tour Operator can ask for reservations up to sixty (60) days before the trip begins, making a payment for the equivalent of fifty percent (50%) of the entrance ticket.

c. To maintain the reservation, the Tour Operator must cancel the balance due and provide full names, passport numbers, ages, nationalities and passport photocopies of all those going on the trip, to the relevant authorities. The traveler must send this information and documentation to us from his or her home country.

d. Failure to confirm reservations will result in their cancellation, and no reimbursement of fees will be made in this case.

e. Only people under 28 years old with valid International Student Identification will be considered as a student, entitling them to a 50% discount on the RED entrance fee.


Elements not allowed in the network of the Inca Trail:

a. Air or firearms tablet, arcs and arrows, implements of hunting and fish, axes, machetes, mount knives, tips, shovels or other tools.

b. Any type of trap for capture fauna specimen .

c. Fossil Fuels such as: kerosene, diesel petroleum, gasoline.

d. Stimulating, psicotropics, narcotics and other drugs not allowed by the effective national legislation.

e. Equipment of sound and others generators of annoying noises.

f. Domestic animals and exotic species.

g. Canes with metallic end that no have rubber protector or wood canes of native species.

h. Bottles, plastic packages and dispensable glasses.

Of the Remainders Solids The travel agencies and tourism, guides of tourism and personnel of support, are forced to select in organic and inorganic the solid remainders generated and to retire them outside SHM during your permanence in the network of the Inca Trail. Of the Security of the Users And the Natural and Cultural Patrimony of the SHM It�s prohibited to move by the network of the Inca Trail between the 19:00 hours and 05:30 hours, except for verified acts of a greater force.


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